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Green Birdskull Headdress

During his downtime, Garrett likes to make things out of the junk he finds. All of his current apparel are items that he made himself out of different bits and pieces. He first started with wraps, which came from the scraps of one Bertram's many fashion projects. Bertram caught Garrett trying to borrow the fabric, and would only give any up if Garrett learned how to properly sow (he would have offered Garret fashion advice too, but Bertram knows a lost cause when he sees one). There was only enough fabric to make wraps for the legs and wings, but Garrett will return to making more once the supplies are replenished. In the meantime, he has made a full set of birdskull clothing (green to match the wraps! If you're going to wear dead birds it better match at least).

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Damaged Battlehorn

Garrett's lair space is mostly filled with stuff he's in the middle of refurbishing, but some of it's just trash.

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