Clan Lampsi

Background Edit

She was looking for a place to stay and moved to Seeking Clan. After the clan split up she thought it was best for her to join Clan Lampsi.

Personality Edit

She has an ego that's almost as big as her breed and anyone who tries to argue with her is likely to get hurt in someway. Gemstone believes she is the most beautiful dragon that anyone had or could ever lay their eyes on.

She doesn't believe in charges, which makes many of her breed think lowly of her. But she claims that charges are just burdens and she refuses to burden herself with something so silly. She thinks that the only 'charge' that a Guardian needs is themselves. She thinks that every dragon should look after themselves first and others second.

Although ever since joining Lampsi she has felt different... She feels as though something has died inside of her. Something is missing and she can't quite figure out what it is.

Relationships Edit

Obsidian: She has parted ways with her loving mate, Obsidian, but she's not really sad about that. Their relationship was nice while it lasted, but he didn't belong in Lampsi. He belonged to Nightbane's clan.

Trivia Edit

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