Gianfar, or Gia for close friends, is the leader of the Aurigae of the Pergamon Mountain Clan, together with her brother Alcyone. She holds the title Princess and though she is indeed a highborn dragon, the title has nothing to do with aristocracy or worldly power over Physical realm. In the Aurigae Arcanist is considered as both the King and the Queen reigning over them and so the high priest and/or priestess are called Prince and Princess.

Gianfar and Alcyone have a very close relationship. Disturbingly close for siblings, some say.

She is pretty arrogant and doesn't really want to have anything to do with dragons of purely Physical realm, as she considers them to be beneath her. On the other hand for Aurigae dragons of Arcane element she can be quite kind and generous.

Her behaviour of late has been odd. She has distanced herself from the Aurigae daily matters and her brother, spending a lot of time alone, in isolation. When she's present she's short tempered and snappy. Someone is whispering to her inside her head.

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