Background Edit

WIP - Joined after the move to Wind, had found and cared for an injured Stonewatch Prince and was therefore in the good graces of the nearby Harpy population, immediately got along with Avia and her views on Beastclans and has stuck around in hopes of spreading those views to the rest of the clan

Personality Edit

WIP - Generally kind and respectful, usually pretty quiet and gets along well with most other dragons, fiercely protective of Harpy beliefs, rights and culture; only thing he cares about more is the well-being of his own offspring, when nesting goes into full-on over-protective father mode until the hatchlings are old enough to leave

Appearance Edit

WIP - Pretty average-sized for a Skydancer but a little heavy-set, keeps himself well groomed, most of his apparel is gifts from the Harpies, carries himself with an air of refinement

Abilities Edit

WIP - Not much of a fighter but can hold his own, trianed in basic Harpy fighting techniques (always wears a mask when he is fighting out of respect), Skydancer ESP is used to understand differences between dragons and Harpies and help settle disagreements, very empathetic, a great mediator

Trivia Edit

  • Gilded was hatched on November 14, 2015
  • He has replaced Cephissus as Avia's breeding partner, but is very respectful towards the Pearlcatcher and views Ceph as an uncle to his hatchlings
  • The Stonewatch Prince that Gilded rescued is called ??? and refuses to leave Gilded's side
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