The Primals

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Glendower was always destined to be king. The king and queen of the Earth civilization he was born to were excited to have a little prince who would someday take their place. And they were even more excited to see that he was born a primal. Their little baby had been blessed by the Earthshaker and now his body was overflowing with magic.

Raising Glendower was no easy feat. The child had a wide range of powers that he had no control over. He was able to turn ordinary rocks into gems, and could move boulders just with a single touch. It only took one moment for Glendower's playful actions to become disaster. He was on a walk with his father when he had accidentally turned the soil around him into quicksand. His father might have died that day if it wasn't for the patrol that was nearby.

Glendower's parents never blamed him for putting his father in danger. They understood he was only a child and meant no harm, but the rest of the kingdom became wary of the child after that. What other disastrous mishaps was Glendower capable of? Should a child be allowed to have such dangerous powers? The king and queen consulted their scared citizens about the issue and a conclusion was made: Glendower must be stripped of his powers. His powers were too much for him to handle. So they journeyed to the Earthshaker to see if the magic could be removed.

The family never made it to the Pillar of the World. They had journeyed through a Shade infested patch of land, and the Shade sensed the magic energy radiating from the child. Shade creatures of all kinds attacked the dragon family. The king, the queen and the guards they brought along were all drained of their magic and killed. But before the Shadelings could touch little Glendower an Earth Sprite defended him. She drew it back by creating a cave in and buying herself and Glendower enough time to escape. But the Earth Sprite did not come out unscathed. Before the cave in, the Shade managed to feed from her, taking most of her magic and many of her memories too. She no longer remembers who she was, or who the Earthshaker is. She only knows that she must bring the child to safety no matter what

Personality Edit

Playful and cheerful

Relationships Edit

Grim: Adoptive father

Pebble the Earth Sprite: His friend and protector

Trivia Edit

  • Named after the Welsh ruler
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