Basic History Edit

Gnanapazham (Gna for short) is one of the oldest members of VulonJun. She was originally a gift from the sister clan, Clan SedAhrkMen (better known as Clan 13).

Coming from an the sister clan, she quickly became one of the center figures within VulonJun. However, when VulonJun was still lead by Leviathan and a Shadow clan, she didn't hold much political power. She would spend most of her time hunting or teasing Alduin. However, when Leviathan disappeared, she was on Alduin's side to shift from Shadow to Ice, and takes credit for being the one to push him into power.

Basic Personality Edit

Gna is very intelligent, and takes much pride in her position within the clan. She is considered to be an elder of the clan, and is held with as much respect as the original progenitors and Alduin.

It was her who came up with the idea to collect the sprites and call for Ambassadors from other Flights to join their ranks. because of this, some of the dragons within the clan view crossing her to be the same as crossing the clan.

Gna is very aggressive and is quick to plot for revenge. Many of the dragons she's close to are used to her behavior, and are quick to notice when they've angered her. She will generally forgive the offender if they bring her gifts of bones and skulls.

Relationships Edit

She is very much in love with her Mate Alexandria, and the two will hunt and fight together. Gna is generally uncaring for her children, and will willingly have exalt fodder children. Every once and a while, one or two hatchlings will be spared.

Gna has only taken part in raising two of her children, Narciso and Kalak. Narciso grew up very much under his mothers wing, and she is very fond of him. Alexandria will even put up with Narciso because of how much Gna loves him. Kalak is the less favored child, but was still taken care of by Gna to an extent. She had a hard time bonding with him, because when she took him out hunting he was more interested in playing with the prey rather than killing it. Normally this behavior would bother Gna, but his quick wit and quicker tongue got him on her good side. A child that stuck around but Gna isn't fond of is BlackBone. Gna would rather have nothing to do with BB, and almost pretends she doesn't exist. Children exalted unnamed were done so by Gna, due to her disgust at their existence.

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