Gourmand is the Order's chef. His specialities are stews and soups.

Background Edit

"Ah, tonight, we will feast like kings!"

The cook of the clan, a dragon whom means well. Of course, some of Gourmand's meals may be health concerning and questionable, but such reputation is commendable. He enjoys letting his imagination wander with food, and often accidently creates many edible wonders. His soups are unrivaled. It's suspected that he has memorized over a hundred recipes for this reason alone. Gifted with a fine touch and sense for spices, Gourmand can easily summon exquisite flavor to his meals using just spices. He is the mastermind behind it all and he holds his honorable title with pride.

Trivia Edit

  • Skink and Hex were added, tertiary has yet to be decided
  • Gourmand already had his name upon purchase and his lore was inspired by it
  • Gourmand is a 6 digit dragon

Credits Edit

  • Background was written by Sillywinter (#289438)

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