The Bone Keeper of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Grainne was born parentless and alone on the outskirts of Plague territories, her parents lost to the endless war between the Plaguebringer and the Gladekeeper. From birth, her only family was Ruaidhri, who would later go on to found the Red Kingdom with Grainne's help. The journey to their new kingdom began with the calling of Grainne's search; having no reason to stay in the borderlands, they travelled deeper into Plague territories, gathering up refugees along the way. By the time they reached the cave systems that would become their lair—and the fossilized bones that would become Grainne's charge—they had gathered up the makings of a clan of their own, and with Grainne's blessing, Ruaidhri set to ruling.

Now that her search is complete, Grainne seems content to remain in the background of the Red Kingdom's workings, happy to leave the ruling and diplomacy to those with a knack for it. Thanks to her position as founder, though, as well as her place as guardian of the lair itself, her words have a greater weight than others' even though she doesn't choose to participate in the ruling council. Her partner is Mathuin, who arrived in the clan well after its founding; they share a tendency to haunt the out-of-the-way back halls and an interest in the bones of the lair, and agreed to be mates after a long, slow mutual courtship.

Clan Role Edit

Grainne's position in the clan is, in its entirety, guardian of the lair. She patrols the lair itself, checking up on the fossilized bones that make up the bulk of its walls, ensuring the safety of the structure and of the clan itself. She is also responsible for much of the close work involving new excavations, not fully trusting anyone else to deal with her charge to her exacting standards. Any changes to the lair itself must be given her stamp of approval before new projects can proceed, and in this capacity she often collaborates with Colum, the clan architect.

Personality Edit

Wise beyond her years and given to reserve, Grainne is happy with her occasionally overlooked position as guardian of the lair, preferring generally to keep to herself and let the rest of the clan get on with their noisy business. She tends towards independence, and on the whole seems content to get by without forming many close attachments. Only her mate and her oldest friend understand much about her—not because she tries to remain mysterious, but merely because she keeps to herself. Like many of her species, she tends towards stoicism, and she works well with the Red Kingdom's other guards, but all things being equal, she likes best to be alone with her charge.

Relationships Edit

  • Mathuin: Partner and lover.
  • Ruaidhri: Oldest friend and co-founder of the clan.
  • Meallan: Clan guard and a colleague.
  • Rathnait: Clan gatekeeper and a colleague.
  • Ruarc: Clan guard and a colleague.
  • Colum: Clan architect and a collaborator.
  • Aodh: Clan flametender and a collaborator.

Grainne is bisexual.

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