Grim is the Patriarch of the Filia Clan, and the random progenitor in the lair. He's considered a best friend of Qubine. Inspired by Qubine's physical strength, Grim chose the path of physical combat rather than magic. With his training, he is the only dragon to match Qubine's physical strength, even exceeding the Kalma dragons' strength.

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Grim is the largest of the male Fae dragons with Ice Iridescent and Steel Stripes. His Carmine tertiary is still hidden. He wears a Black Satin Tunic and Dented Iron Boots. His Electrician's Armband is a symbol of his clan leadership.

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Trivia Edit

  • Grim's hatchday is September 3, 2013.
  • Although Grim's name was randomly generated, some players have found it very fitting, as his face and frills look rather skull-like.
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