Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Guerra is the God of War. He is responsible for the deaths of billions. He created weapons of destruction. He forced the innocent to endure unspeakable horrors.

But Guerra was only the puppet. He was being controlled by a demon that had possessed him. A demon that his brother Naperone had made a deal with.

War was never supposed to become what war is today. It was supposed to be about survival. It was supposed to be a test of how mortals responded to limited resources. It was supposed to be about forcing other to share or compromise. It was about making sacrifices to protect others. It was supposed to be something noble, something necessary. But like most things the gods had created, it has now become corrupted and unrecognizable from its original form.

Although Guerra was no solely responsible for the destruction of War, he still feels like the one to blame. He is sorry for what he has done.

Personality Edit

Guerra was once a proud and confident man. He was never afraid to speak his mind, and was often seen as blunt and strict. But now he is soft spoken and meek. He is weighed with shame and fear and is afraid to speak at all.

Relationships Edit

Naperone: Guerra's younger brother. He's the one who helped the demon possess him.

Sagacious: Guerra's older sister.They used to get along, now they don't.

Pathi: Guerra’s weasel Guardian. She’s happy her master is back to normal, but is ashamed she failed to protect him or recognize he had been possessed by a demon. She believes she’s a failure of a Guardian.

Muerto: Guerra's younger brother. he barely knows him and doesn't really want to get to know him.

Virtuous: Guerra's mother. He loves her and trusts her.

Ludicrous: Guerra's father. He loves and trusts him too.

Trivia Edit

  • Theme song is Mars by Sleeping At Last
  • He is bi and trans
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