History Edit

Gwyneth (a.k.a. Gwynn) was born to Merlin and Rhiannon. As a child, she was constantly aware of how much her parents did for the clan. This caused her to fear being a burden on her clan mates.

She strived to become as independent as possible, even as a young child. As she grew into an adult, however, she learned that her pride and independence sometimes got in the way of helping her loved ones. Especially in her work as assistant healer.

Personality Edit

Gwyneth is fiercely independent. In fact, many consider the most independent dragon in the clan. That doesn't mean, however, that she's cold or uncaring. In fact, she's quite affectionate towards many of her clan mates.

She will resort to tough love at the drop of a hat, but she always means well.

Moments Edit

After the Incident Edit

Following the attack on the clan, Gwynn works hard to help her injured clan mates. She spends a lot of time on her elder brother, Percy, shocked at how much blood she sees around her.

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