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No truth hides from those with honor in their hearts. That was her truth, though it lay buried in the subconscious of parental teachings long since forgotten. In the Wastelands, amidst the dust and the pestilence and disease, she found a calling. And what she found was sisterhood. A tiny force, granted, but one not to be trifled with. She'd clawed to hope; without hope there'd be no honor. Without honor, there would be no reason to continue on.

So she went to work. As the packs of beasts grew ever larger, she grazed missing variables in the equation of handling them. The sisters, while supportive to the end, were no match for the task. Between the hunt and wrangling the beasts, there was little spare time for them to assist. She knew her natural speed was a boon and took to the skies in search of solutions. Many neighbors were glad to pass down their knowledge; others were less inviting. With the information from other clans behind her, she came back to assess the situation. Only one thing was certain: they needed far more money than even her most outrageous estimates would suggest.

The prior clan left no shortage of items to pawn off, or materials to brew. Half of it was pure junk, begging for a cauldron, anyways. But for something so short notice, they'd need something more. A three-pronged solution, then: find the most willing beasts to bond with to assure their allegiance; mine in the Shattered Plains to earn as much treasure as possible; create a shop for times when Mother's influence lay on high. Not that Hafsa would force customers to tip-indeed, there was no such assurance that would ever work. Yet some could be shamed into it, others only needed a small reminder to do the right thing. It was off kilter, last minute, but it was worth the risk compared to gaining nothing.

First came the tips. Then, the nocturne eggs from the holidays of prior months sold handily. When shop closed, she spiraled down the hunting trips, made time with Shiori to mine, and got up and personal with many beasts. Slowly the money in the vault became something to be proud of; and the purchases she needed for her own personal gain were offset by the influx of treasure coming in. Her sisters could rest easy now, but she knew they'd never do so for long. Too much to do lay ahead, too many variables to pursue for the future. That was the fun of it all; and Hafsa knew she'd never be for a lack of good company with her sisters by her side.

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  • Her birthday is July 3rd, 2017.
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