Background Edit

WIP - basically he was born in the clan and decided to stay in the clan and as such was very quickly trained, helps grind for things with his mom, is starting to look to define himself as something other than just Maggie's son

Personality Edit

WIP - quiet, fierce, quick to defend himself and others, loyal to the clan (but especially to Princess), prefers to stay out of the spotlight, can be competitive, suffers from uncontrolable bloodlust from time to time

Appearance Edit

WIP - apparel = gift from mother, several scars on chest from fights in coliseum, solidly built but still light-footed, larger than average wings give him a hulking appearence even when they're folded, usually grinning which can be unnerving

Abilities Edit

WIP - standard Mirror fighting style amped up to eleven, especially once bloodlust kicks in; very strong but surprisingly agile, prefers an up-close-and-personal fighting style and aerial attacks (dive and destroy)

The Shooting Stars Edit

WIP - explanation of the group will go here (how they started, what they do, etc)

Trivia Edit

  • Hallow was hatched on October 31, 2014 (Halloween)
  • Due to his fighting style and natural resistance to most magic, Hallow is the clan's Mire Flier; he can quickly level exaltees two at a time by taking them through the Mire
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