Herzog is a fan dragon, but integral to the Order's lore.

Herzog is the one in charge of the Order's military forces. The only ones above his position are the clan leaders themselves. He is deemed a cruel dragon, not cowardly at all like his breed would suggest. He also prefers a blunt force approach to most things, not at the cost of strategy, however. Treva always makes sure to steer him back to a more sensible path in case he gets too enthusiastic.

Despite his strictness and demanding a lot from his warriors, Herzog cares for them and always does whatever he can to ensure their safe return. Among his warriors is his long-time friend Wilhelm, a tundra who likes to provoke and rile others up - and Herzog is not exempt to that behaviour. It isn't necessarily a bad thing, as this is simply how they handle their friendship and it rarely ever escalates.

Herzog is one of the few who managed to befriend the always stoic and distant Karl. And Karl, too, is not spared from being amicably teased, although Herzog usually is the initiator in this case instead of Wilhelm.

Herzog has his own private stash of treasure - which he occasionally adds to due to his kleptomaniac tendencies - and deities have mercy on the soul that dares even touch it.

Trivia Edit

  • the breed scroll and all of the genes were applied

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