History Edit

The Crystalspine Reaches contain more spyglasses than islands. Most are turned to the sky, but a few are aimed at neighboring islands, often in fear or suspicion.

Perhaps it was Pryntsesa's harsh disposition that rubbed neighbors the wrong way. Or perhaps it was the gembond Hodor contracted that scarred his body and rendered his vocal chords useless. Either way, Pryntsesa unilaterally decided to close the island to any but close friends and family.

Not all of the dragons in Hodor's clan are so unwelcoming, however, and the island has gathered several dragons from other nations: vagrants, ex-patriates, and bonded mates.

Pryntsesa has accepted the growth of her lair, and she's since committed to put everyone to work.

Clan Members Edit

  • Hodor (Patriarch)
  • Pryntsesa (Matriarch)
  • Sprite (Scout, Courier)
  • Aeria (Hunter, Fisher)
  • Teflon (Chef)
  • Crumbles (Alchemist)
  • Shauni (Animal Handler)
  • Perron (Inventory Clerk)
  • Genji (Scavenger)
  • Pixis (Soldier)
  • Ginny (Librarian)
  • Mosh (Forager)
  • Bluedemon (Luchador)
  • Feymarch (Spiritual Leader)
  • Mist (Hunter, Wind Diplomat)
  • Jeanne (Soldier)
  • Elhaym (Detective)
  • Draco (Accountant)
  • Greyscale (Seer)
  • Ashin (Military Advisor)
  • Palom (Engineer)
  • Porom (Engineer)
  • Orcus (Guard)
  • Bobcat (Comedian)
  • Jinora (Gardener)
  • Petrikov (Wizard, Ice Diplomat)
  • Rydia (Hunter)
  • Pheasant (Secretary, Spy)
  • Beast (Hunter)
  • Vesper (Astronomer, Cartographer)
  • Fensalir (Digger)
  • Absinthe (Lab Assistant)
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