The Haven

Background Edit

When Hugin was hatched she would have never guessed the harsh life she was born into. She was fascinated by the beautiful crystals growing all around her and she had a parent who loved and cared for her and her two siblings.

It was only when she was older did she realize just how much the world hated her. Her parent Munin, who allowed her to call em ‘dad’ or ‘father’, even though ey had no gender, had told her it was because she was part Shadeling. Just like Munin.

Munin felt guilty for putting this burden on her and her siblings, but Hugin didn’t want em to feel that way. She wanted em to be happy. She wanted em to ignore all the dragons who hated them.

It wasn’t her fault or Munin’s. It wasn’t their fault they were created the way they were. They never asked to be Shadelings.

Hugin, much like her mother liked to find the bright side of things.

Hugin like her father can shapeshift. But she doesn’t melt like ey do. Instead she can turn into smoke. At first it was a little scary. She felt like her form was too loose and that she would blow away into nothing, but the more she practised the more she felt in control of herself. Her favorite form to take is a raven.

She can also read minds, but she must gain the trust of whoever she’s reading first. She glad for this. It feels wrong for her to intrude on the thoughts of a complete stranger.

Personality Edit

An optimist and a kind heart like her mother.

Relationships Edit

Munin: Her father

Marigold: Mother

Nidhog: Brother

Baldur: Brother

Trivia Edit

  • Bigender
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