Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Hywela detests her mother.

She hates being smothered. She is a grown dragon. An adult. She wants to be away from her mother. But no matter how much she hates her she can’t bring herself to hurt her. So instead she hurts other dragons. She has murdered. She feels like she has to commit violence to prove that she is not some child. That she doesn't have to be babied. That she can make her own decisions. Her actions have kicked her and Solstice out of several clans all over Sornieth.

She hates herself for doing it, for murdering. She she doesn't know how else to deal with her anger and bitterness. Sometimes she just wishes her mother would just drop dead already. Then she would be free. She doesn't want to be anyone's precious baby.

She wishes she could stop hurting other dragons. But not only is it her way to vent, but at this point it has become an addiction.

She enjoys the feeling of her claws ripping through flesh.

The sweet tang of fresh blood.

The sound a dragon makes when it breathes it's last.

It's all so thrilling to her.

Upon joining Seeking Clan, she became an Immunist. She felt that she could relate to Sapphiremoon. The feeling of being trapped, of being a prisoner. Hywela understands that. The need for violence, that too. She found that Sapphire and herself shared quite a bit in common.

Now that Seeking Clan became Clan Ton Theon and Sapphiremoon was murdered, Hywela claims that she regrets her actions. She claims she doesn't want to hurt others anymore. She claims that she wants to be a better dragon and she claims she loves her mother.

The clan is wary of her claims and don't trust her. Not after she killed the snapper, Blueskies.

For now, until Nike decides what to do with Hywela she is kept as the clan's prisoner, and is locked away in the attic of the stone tower.

Personality Edit

She was once hostile and violent, but she is now trying to unlearn this behavior. She wants to be a kind dragon.

Relationships Edit

Frankenstein: Her girlfriend

Solstice: Her mother. She no longer wants to kill her.

Wendigo: Her girlfriend's other mate.

Moriarty, Sigyn, Tarasque: Frankenstein and Wendigo's children who Hywela also helps to take care of.

Trivia Edit

  • She's grey-aro
  • She has a six digit ID
  • Her theme is Such Horrible Things by Creature Feature
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