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[[Category:Morning Star Dragon]]
[[Category:Morning Star Dragon]]

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WIP - giant flirt that found his way to the clan and decided to stick around because he likes messing with certain members of the clan


WIP - flirts with anything remotely dragon shaped or seemingly sentient, gender doesn't matter; enjoys seeing others uncomfortable, happy to bed anything that will let him, leaves all the time to find other conquests; always returns with tons of edible flowers and healthy fungi to "show his love"


WIP - always smiling and winking, very graceful movements, likes to dress to impress, larger than average wings; loves to show them off, a bit on the skinny side though he prefers to describe himself as 'slender'


WIP - surprisingly good at identifying usable plants, uses Skydancer "mind reading" to see if his flirting is working, empathetic and willing to listen, although this may be a technique for getting on with someone more than anything else; claims to be an "amazing lover"


  • Icarus was hatched on April 1, 2014; 13 days BEFORE Laela and Solus founded the clan
  • This means he is technically the OLDEST member of the Clan of the Morning Star, but he will deny this fact to his last breath
  • His favorite kind of fruit is strawberries
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