Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Icetip had grown up living on a type of campus from one of the Lightweaver's many schools. He only lived there because he had no parents that he knew of and had no home.

Icetip's only option in life was to study the Lightweaver's teachings and hope that his grades would take him somewhere. He wasn't sure where exactly, but someplace where he could live happily and healthy.

Unfortunately for him he failed his classes. Straight Fs. It's not that he didn't try. He just had a bad memory problem and each time he studied for a test he would forget the information the next day.

The news was crushing to him. He had failed. He had no home, no family, and no career. He had nothing except for a single friend. A single friend who barely glanced his way.

This friend was a female mirror known as Nightbane. Icetip had known the mirror since he was a hatchling and considered her his only friend. Although she was friendly toward him, he did sometimes get on her nerves and because of this Nightbane only considered him an acquaintance.

Unlike Icetip, Nightbane had passed with straight As and decided to lead a clan of her own. However she found that not even the best grades could help convince other dragons to join her. She realized that she was so concerned with her education, that she had forgotten about making friends.

Luckily for her, Icetip joined her Clan as soon as he has heard of it.

Together Icetip helped Nightbane build her clan and eventually became her loving mate.

Personality Edit

He's a clumsy fellow and isn't the least bit dignified or graceful.  Like most of his breed he forgets stuff a lot. And although Nightbane enjoys his company his forgetfulness can get on her nerves. 

He's goofy and loves to make friends. He enjoys taking care of the hatchlings and the hatchlings enjoy trying to hide in his fluffy fur.

He has almost no aggression in him and it is very difficult to make him angry. Usually the only thing that will guarantee angering him is if you harmed one of his clan members on purpose.

Relationships Edit

Nightbane: Icetip's mate. The entire time he studied at the Light school he had a secret crush on her. He tried to become her friend several times, but she never noticed him. It was only after she tried to make a clan that she finally started to pay attention.

Future: His eldest daughter.

Morningmist: His second oldest daughter.

Nightlight: His deceased daughter who he misses greatly.

Trivia Edit

  • Theme song: Quiet by Lights!
  • My random progen
  • Gened completely by myself
  • He was originally gened with speckle/freckle but regened later
  • Was named for the splash of blue on his wings, making it look like he had ice tipped wings
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
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