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An eccentric collection of free-ranging individuals, the lair is often underpopulated, for there are many in the Wake who are often taken by the urge to travel. Originating in the Starfall Isles, most of the dragons hatched here have been deeply affected by the confluence of natural and magical energies that permeates the region. Those who came later may also be affected, often finding themselves changed after a prolonged stay.

After some time spent in Arcane territory, a rift opened up in one of their lairs that, when entered, led to the Shifting Expanse. Some members of the Wake, feeling the call, set out to make for themselves a home in Lightning lands.

Patient, reliable Unnin orders the world while Oerreil travels wherever her feet take her. Some dragons may simply stumble upon the loose collection of dwellings that make up the Wake's domain, while others may find themselves taken by its traveling individuals, and follow them home.

The lair is, in fact, a network of nodes scattered throughout the Starfall Isles, the primary hub located in the Observatory, nestled near pockets of inter-dimensional energy that allows them to temporarily bend space and travel from place to place with relative ease. It is a haphazard affair. Since finding the rift to the Shifting Expanse, a not insignificant segment of the Wake has settled in Lightning lands.

To outsiders, they are often referred to as the Masked, for those who wander outside the domain of their clans, or whose business requires constant contact with non-clan members, often go shrouded or masked, and do not show their bared faces to strangers.

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