Background Edit

Impulse was separated from her original clan at a young age and does not remember them very well. She spent most of her childhood traveling Sornieth and going on adventures (read: getting into mischief). She met Etheas as a young adult and their chemistry allowed them to quickly became good friends.

Personality Edit

Impulse is here for a good time, not a long time. She's always raring for an adventure or shenanigans. She is the clan's resident mad scientist who is loved dearly by her clan-mates despite her wacky antics. She is a very supportive dragon, always pushing others to their personal best. Or, her opinion of their personal best. She is very optimistic. She was the loudest dragon to insist upon Etheas taking up the mantle of clan chief.

Appearance Edit

Impulse is a black dragon with bright blue eyes and light orange accents. She has an eclectic taste in fashion and changes her style frequently.

Abilities Edit

Impulse's skills are specialized for combat in the Kelp beds, with the customary Scratch and Eliminate abilities, as well as Haste and Reflect for dominating against Mantarunes and Wavesweepers.

Trivia Edit

  • IRL: Impulse was so named because she was an impulse purchase. Her personality was also based on the idea of being impulsive. Obviously.
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