The Diplomat of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Isibeal—along with the three other Imperials she is mated with—was an early arrival to the Red Kingdom, joining the clan when it was still a collection of refugees searching for a home. According to the four of them, Isibeal and Ailill originally hailed from neighbouring Ice clans and eloped when their leaders would not consent to a relationship between them; they were joined by Laoise in the Shifting Expanse when she lost her family to an accident, and met Cinaed upon entering Plague territory. The four are extremely close-knit, but look to Isibeal as their unofficial leader, and it was her agreement with Ruaidhri that saw them becoming part of the clan.

Her experience with negotiating for her family soon saw her taking a position as a negotiator for her new clan, and with the Red Kingdom's increasing political power in the region she was swiftly offered a formal place as the clan's lead diplomat.

Clan Role Edit

Isibeal is typically the first point of contact for formal delegations or other political visitors to the Red Kingdom, and is always responsible for leading discussions, brokering agreements, and keeping important guests happy. When the clan as a whole interacts with outsiders or other clans, she frequently speaks for the rulers, and her advice is sought and respected when it comes to delicate political operations.

Personality Edit

With a personality as magnetic as her magnificent colouring, Isibeal commands respect, affection, and influence throughout her clan. She has a delicate approach and a knack for getting people to agree with her, and well able to resolve a dispute with a compromise that leaves everyone feeling like they have won. She is friendly with her entire clan, even those she has no special affection for, and always remembers names, interests, and other small personal details. This behaviour is no less charming for being somewhat calculated, but Isibeal also has a genuine fondness for those around her, and her clan would quite willingly spring to her defence with but a moment's provocation.

Relationships Edit

  • Cinaed: Partner and lover.
  • Ailill: Partner and lover.
  • Laoise: Partner and lover.
  • Mallaidh: Ruaidhri's consort and a colleague.
  • Aislin: Clan ambassador and a colleague.
  • Neasa: Clan spy and a colleague.
  • Saraid: Clan political advisor and a colleague.

Isibeal is bisexual.

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