The Hunt Leader of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Iuile has been with the Red Kingdom nearly since the beginning, and was the first of the clan's band of Wildclaws to join up with the scattered collection of refugees that made up the kingdom in the early days. She did not precisely travel with the clan, preferring to range far afield and return periodically with game, but she kept pace with the rest and took care of them, in her own gruff survivalist's way, and swore herself in as a member when the kingdom was formally established.

The first of Iuile's mates to join the Red Kingdom—and to take her from a solitary hunter to the leader of her own little pack—was Ailbhe, who found the clan shortly after it had settled down. Their next addition was Saoirse, who they took under their wing as a hunter in a relationship that soon saw her joining their partnership. Their quadrant was completed by Cathair, a former soldier turned hunter who was absorbed into the Wildclaw pack before even formally joining the clan. The four of them don't stay with the rest of the clan in the main lair, preferring to rove; they sleep at the outposts or in the open as they track prey across clan lands.

Clan Role Edit

As when she first joined up with the Red Kingdom, Iuile's key role in the clan is hunting game. Within her own small family, she is the unquestioned leader of the hunt and chief decision-maker in all areas, and her mates look to her without question to make all the tough decisions. The four hunt together as a seamless unit, each with their own specialties; Iuile's, quite evidently, is command. They work occasionally with Cennetig, the clan's other hunter, and are happy to accept him into their ranks as long as he follows direction and works within the unit; on the whole, however, they prefer to work only with each other, and Iuile takes care to make sure that happens.

Personality Edit

Iuile is fierce, powerful, and blunt, and it is immediately obvious to anyone who meets the Wildclaw band who is the leader and why. She takes her responsibilities seriously—both in providing for the clan and in leading her band—and deeply values the personalities and talents of her partners, both in their personal lives and in terms of what they can do for the hunt, but she is unquestionably in charge, and they all prefer it that way. The band has a great deal of independence within the clan, and Iuile often goes weeks or even months without spending any time at the main lair. Despite her tendency to speak her mind and limited social graces, though, she is not unfriendly; she cares deeply for her clan, and they know it, even if she is only openly demonstrative with her partners.

Relationships Edit

  • Cathair: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Ailbhe: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Saoirse: Partner, lover, and colleague.
  • Cennetig: Clan hunter and a colleague.

Iuile is bisexual.

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