Ivanov is an eternally youthful dragon and part of a trio together with Metall and Lanford. Together with Metall, Ivanov volunteered to become a hatchling in order to help the Order's scientists to understand the process and perfect it.

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Word of Lanford had gotten out rather quickly during his first initial time in the Order. The success of his transformation caused the scientists of the Order to ponder what more they could do to perfect it. Asking brave Dragons to be willing to be changed to help science, they were able to get a few Dragons, a young Dragon by the name of Ivanov stepped up to the plate. He was rather nervous at first, but after the process was done, he could feel his energy and own power grow more and smaller. He felt different but at the same time, he felt happier. The change did him well, and throughout the tests and monitoring, they classified him as a success of the experiment.

Ivanov grew to enjoy being an eternally young Dragon. He was happier and had much more energy. Over time, he had forgotten what it was like to be an adult, and with the friends that he had made--other Dragons that went through the trial, including the famous Lanford--he was rather content with the way his life was going. He was proud to be a hatchling again. Being a hatchling also meant that he got into a lot of trouble. Metall, his more mature friend, would get him into trouble with his clumsiness, but Ivanov didn’t mind for he found joy in this. He would take it upon himself sometimes to be up to no good. The adults would get mad, but due to his cheery outlook on life, they would usually forgive him soon after.

Ivanov, the most cheerful of the “hatchling brothers,” finds his days filled with more fun and less responsibility. He loves his decision to become a Hatchling, hopes that the rest of the life is filled with adventures and spontaneity.

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  • Background was written by ShadyoFayx (#86418)

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