Jewelvine Clan is dedicated to increasing understanding and cooperation among the dragon species, and to increasing the beauty of dragonkind. They reside in a system of caverns and sinkholes laced with trees and other plant life, near the border of Starwood Strand. While they joyfully raise hatchlings, they also welcome adopted members with open wings. By happenstance, most members of this clan are shades of pink and purple.

History Edit

Founded by Druiftje despite the loss of his first mate.

Clan Members Edit

Clan Leaders Edit

Other Members Edit

  • Kahawai
  • Bolin
  • Indicidescence
  • Pavonis
  • Rhodochrosos
  • Yangphire
  • Pinghengphire
  • Yinphire
  • Malo
  • Lepidobsidian
  • Lemaurum
  • Pearlethyst
  • Turquidolite
  • ...
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