"International Rescue, we have a situation."


John hates three things: gravity, crowds and senseless cruelty. Living up in a satellite thousands of miles above the surface of the planet, well out of reach of all three, it usually takes a lot of convincing from his brothers to get him to join them in their family home, situated on an island in the middle of nowhere, but unfortunately afflicted with a condition called gravity. Still, as much as John hates the force and how it makes his mind and body sluggish, he loves his brothers more and so does occasionally make the effort to come down from orbit.

His visits have increased in frequency after the unintended acquisition of EOS, his AI companion who secretly evolved from code he wrote as an adolescent and has become self-sufficient, and terrifyingly sentient. After an initial reunion of misunderstanding and attempted murder, mostly on EOS' side but not completely, she has become a permanent fixture in his life and is highly protective of him. Aware that the greatest threat to his health is himself, she has become particularly adept at enforcing regular breaks from work, and visits home to his family.

Work, for John, is to be the ears and voice of the renowned and mostly beloved organisation, International Rescue. Nestled securely up in orbit, his Thunderbird - Thunderbird Five - receives distress calls from across the world for him to pick up and respond to. Once an emergency is discovered, he then has the perhaps less than envious task of informing his brothers - three of whom are younger than him, one of which should still be in school - and sending them into danger to rescue whoever needs it.

Usually, things work fine. Lives are saved, his brothers return home with hardly a scratch between them, and John can breathe easily again until the next call out. But sometimes, things go wrong. Lives are lost. His brothers come back with tattered uniforms, battered Thunderbirds, shattered bones. Then his usually beloved isolation becomes a prison and he hurtles himself back down to their base - their home - because he won't be able to believe they're okay until he sees it with his own two eyes, in person.





  • John is a fandragon of the Thunderbirds character John Tracy
    • Technically he could be from any iteration, but the fandragon is particularly based on his Thunderbirds Are Go 2015 version
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