"Lord Ivarr asked me if I wished to be his heir, the other day. He told me needs one...Mother. I told him yes. If you don't want me to, then I won't. But...but I want to be queen!"



Jora's Hatching

Born to Skoll and Sol in the Empire, Jora was raised with extreme caution by both of her parents due to them both being outsiders. They didn't want either of their children to cause trouble and while this worked for Sviurr, it didn't for Jora. As a young dragon, Jora somehow always found a way to irritate the most influential of dragons in the Empire. Though Lesser King Ivarr always stood up for the young Skydancer. Ivarr was constantly apologizing to the likes of Abbas and Sakura due to Jora's bubbly nature. Despite this, Ivarr was proud to have Jora, taking care of her as a second father. He taught Jora everything he knew about ruling, intending for her to one day take his place. Though Jora rarely listened to the Wildclaw, she sometimes found his lessons intriguing and loved to hang out with him.

Lesser Monarch HeirEdit

Lady Jora
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Jora has a length of 4.69m, making her slightly above the average length for a female Skydancer (4.17m). Her wingspan, however, is very short compared to the average Skydancer: she has a wingspan of 3.86m while the average wingspan is 5.11). She is also very underweight, weighing 451.27kg while the average weight of a female Skydancer is 633.52.

Jora is 16 years old. As a singer, she is an alto, but her range is closer to being a mezzo-soprano. Jora's ID is 55944671. Her full name is Jora Fox Blackmour.

Family TreeEdit


Sired by Skoll the Skydancer

Mothered by Sol the Wildclaw

Married to Ualan the Bogsneak


Jora is the mother of one daughter: Aemilia the Bogsneak.



  • Her name means "chieftess" in Old Norse. This reflects her role as a future Lesser Queen.
  • Her hatchday is October 11, 2019.


  • Baby Jora
  • Jora (right) & average female Skydancer (left)
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