Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

June has always been full of curiosity. She loves to explore and is a determined little fae. Once she sets her mind on something she aims to do it, though she can sometimes become distracted along the way

She likes to think outside of the box and tread on paths less beaten.

Time is very important to her. She hates to be late, and rarely ever is She feels it is rude to be late to something you promised to arrive to.

She's not very good at combat, but she is very knowledgeable on archaeology and the Hewn City.

She is the head of the team currently researching the Hewn City, and she makes certain that her dragons work. She tries not to push them too hard, and makes sure that it is always safe for them to be doing their research. When there is danger that's when she relies on December, Junio or Earthquake, as they're the fighters of the group.

She thoroughly enjoys her job, and she believes she's getting close to cracking some kind of code.


June had been trapped in the Hewn City for a long time. The dragons Ar and One infected her and her research team with the Shade. Over a year of her life was taken from her. It's a year she'll never remember again and it's a little disturbing to her.

She's safe and recovering in the clan now, but she's a little lost. She still wants to crack the City's code, but she now knows how dangerous it is. Is it worth it?

Personality Edit

Well behaved and serious about her research.

Relationships Edit

Junio: Her deceased mate

December: Her deceased granddaughter

Trivia Edit

  • If you google Hewn City an image of June will come up because during Brightshine one year I hosted a RP event in the Hewn City and June was the tour guide of the event.
  • She is demisexual
  • She's a genone
  • I hatched her on my birthday
  • She was the first unhatched egg I ever got
  • I won the egg in a raffle
  • I gened her myself
  • I used her in a legacy challenge
  • It took nine generations and six months to finally breed a dragon that was not basic
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