Clan Ton Theon

Background Edit

Junio was a researcher of the Hewn City. He’s wasn't confident in himself and tended to second guess his research. He helped his team make significant progress, but every step during his research he kept asking June to double check for him.

He found his research to be stressful, but he loved to do it. However, he was irritable though when he can’t figure something out .

He was particularly good at translating the runes and symbols in the City. He had always been good at reading and writing languages. He could read centaur, maren, and even harpy. It’s speaking that was difficult for him.

Junio loved his mate, June and granddaughter December.

Personality Edit

Junio prefered to keep to himself. He liked to read, and liked to carry at least two books on him. He didn't like to talk much. When he did he stuttered and stumbled over the words he was looking for.

Relationships Edit

June: His mate

December: His grandaughter

Death Edit

While researching the Hewn city Junio was infected with the Shade like the rest of his crew. Unfortunately although he managed to make it out of the City, Clan Ton Theon's healers were unable to cure him and he passed away.

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