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Lightning Ambassador.

Gijinka Description. JupitelThunderC is a lightning-sword mage-warrior/trainer. He sometimes uses his mad lightning-sword skills (my reference to his lightning sword skills would be Sasuke Uchiha's chidori katana) to discipline and remind his students who's the authority during training. His sadistic and violent nature sometimes surface when he's out battling threats to the clan. Despite this Jupitel does his job training dragons very well.

During the Sornieth Infection Program 2015, he kidnapped Toxoplasma as defiance to effects of his sickness.

Personality Edit

Strict and serious. Sadistic and violent in battle.

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Abilities Edit

Lightning Manipulation.

Sword Skills.

Agility (??)

Trivia Edit

  • Name after a Ragnarok Online's Wizard technique: Jupitel Thunder
  • The user's most spoiled dragon having spent my first or expensive items on him: first gem apparel, first usermade accent, golem gauntlet, extra gem slots and a fullbody gijinka.
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