Karl is a fan dragon but ties into the Order's lore quite significantly.

He specializes in combining biological parts and machinery in the form of prosthetics, preservation of life, or even creation of such. He still devises plans over the Order's original goal of reviving the Colossus, which is now not only abandoned but highly discouraged.

He formerly worked together with Ilsa and appears to have some history with Johann that remains unknown.

Karl usually works in the background, mainly in his laboratory / workshop and sometimes while assassinating a dragon that needs to be gotten rid of for one reason or another. He sometimes functions as the Order's unofficial executioner in sensitive or problematic cases.

In his third occupation, he finds himself in the company of Herzog and often Wilhelm; training for, organizing, and going into battles.

Trivia Edit

  • Karl was a breeding project started after the color wheel expansion. His breed as well as all of his genes were applied.
  • Walther was formerly Karl, but now he's the father of the new Karl.

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