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When the Nocturnes came, at the height of midwinter, Ramona and Lucien were too busy establishing their lair and caring for the hatchlings to pay any mind. Until, on an resource gathering expedition, Lucien found an egg, just beginning to hatch. When Kazul emerged from her shell, he knew that, prepared or not, their clan had a new hatchling. During the next week he found 2 more of the strange eggs, all beginning to hatch and all apparently abandoned.

The three, hatched close together and raised together, developed strong sibling bonds. They took mates and reared a set of young together upon reaching adulthood, but those relationships were transient and their closest connections remained with each other. To date, only Kazul has taken a permanent mate, another Nocturne named Roxim who understands and accepts her bonds with her brothers.

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