Appearance Edit

Khoveri was long and slender, even for mirrors, to the point of the clan seeming to almost coddle him, ensuring he got enough food and rest. Nevertheless, Khoveri never lacked physically, able to run and chase with the rest of the clan. His hide was rather plain, but that never seemed to deter the placid creature. He wasn't one for running, oddly enough, content to spend his time in the lair, watching over his clanmates.

Personality Edit

Khoveri was kind, speaking compassionately to all, never saying a harsh word. He tended to the hatchlings, and aided the Patriarch and Matriarch when trouble brewed. He seemed to have an otherworldly sense, knowing what was wrong with others. Upon arriving at the clan, the first thing he did was declare Dinaer's Shade-touched state.

History Edit

Khoveri was found by the clan in one of their hunting runs. While they searched for food, they found the wayward mirror instead. He was brought to the clan, and deemed worthy of staying- In that time, the clan was far more ruthless- Outsiders were not always kept and sheltered, instead near-instantly pitted in battle, their strength tested. But, Khoveri was able to avoid all that, given a quiet, secure room in the ever-winding underground caves that made their home.

He seemed to take a strong interest in Dinaer, the clan-leader, though it was assumed it was simply because they both were mirrors. They were pack, after all, surely that was it?

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