Kida is an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth kind of dragon, literally. Debt must always be paid, exactly or in kind. She’s the Pergamon Mountain Clan 's treasurer and she’s really good at her job, mostly.

Some dragons might have a bone to pick about her “mafia” like ways when it comes to enforcing the rules and collecting debts. But she is also the sole reason why the clan is practically free of any kind of risk of treasure related crimes. No matter how low a scam you are running, even just plain shell game on the street corner, she knows it. And any interaction that means treasure leaving the clan is especially suspect to her. Somehow she just seems to be on top of everything. Most of the dragons in the clan are afraid of her and she’s intensely disliked. But to the clan leaders she is a valuable and trustworthy asset. Her status is especially enforced by the fact that she is one of the few lay dragons that the Aurigae trusts.

Neria was briefly considering her as the successor for the title of clan leader, but her doubts about Kida, mainly about her ability to actually feel compassion, made her decide to go another route with clan management. Also, her Charge is completely unknown to everyone, which doesn’t really help her position. But she is unwilling to divulge that information to anyone.

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