Kie is a day guard at Pergamon clan Guard. He joined the Guard just a few weeks before Sariafjel which is enough to make him not quite the newest member, a situation that is more than fine to him as he definitely is the youngest by far and feels a bit insecure about it.

Kie is an incurable flirt. Upon meeting him for the first time Toma groaned that she didn’t need second Orestes in the Guard, but Kie and the older Tundra don’t actually share that many characteristics. Kie flirts with everyone while Orestes really doesn’t, especially not with his fellow Guard members. But while Orestes is otherwise promiscuous, Kie is the opposite. He might flirt but that is all he does or wants. His main passion in life is his bow and arrows.

Kie’s second pair of eyes doesn’t work, so he has the eyesight of a normal dragon. He doesn’t know if he was born like it or did he lose the sight at some point, since he cannot recall his childhood much at all. But he has kinda taken his memory loss to mean that something did happen and is searching for a cure to his condition. The clan doctor Fane wasn’t able to help him, but he did warn Kie that if he was in fact born without his heat sight, regaining it might be too much for his mind to handle. But for now, because of his lacking night vision, he’s stuck as day guard, though he and Sariafjel are both eager to switch places due to other life commitments.

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