The Complete Library of All the Clans and Lairs of Sornieth Wikia
The Complete Library of All the Clans and Lairs of Sornieth Wikia


Born in one of the Wind flights, abandoned as a hatchling, he found home with Star Seekers. He entertains clan members with his friend, Lucifera, clan Shaman Singer. His dances and her songs mix pretty well.

He started dancing as a hatchling, even got a pretty looking apparel to make his dances look better, brighter, full of happines that he was oozing anyway. Some of the past clan members didn't like it though. Not because his dance moves were bad, no. He is a pretty boy, perfect for dancing that most of the Skydancers love. But not for singing. He just can't get the notes right. So he stopped singing, had just some other dragons to play music for him to dance to. But he wasn't happy. His mate, Shery, didn't want to sing or dance with him, none of the other dragons could even get right songs to be so vibrating and perfectly matching his dance. Not until Lucifera made it into clan. And then new era started. Era of vibrant, hipnotyzing songs and even more hypnotyzing dances.


Lighter than his mate (only 654.73 kg), with 4.39 wingspan and the 4.8 lenght. Dark royal purple of his fur i made light and vibrant thanks to Firebird feathers markings and golden silks he wears. If it weren't for his more bulky looks he would be easily mistaken for a female.


Dance, dance and once more dance. He doesn't know how to fight, how to use magic or how to gather food or things that have any value. So he dances and makes dragons relax or get pumped over something. Sometimes they even wake other clans that are really far away from the lair.