Kitty is a Mirror dragon born into the Kalma Clan. She is a daughter of Merrick and Ariana, and sister to Reiko and Brenna.

Appearance Edit

Kitty is a Mirror dragon with Crimson Tiger, Blood Seraph, and Sky Spines. She wears the Dusk Rogue apparel, minus a few pieces.

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History Edit

Plague Arc Edit

Kitty was one of three surviving hatchlings of Merrick and Ariana. Upon growing up, she began her Passage with her two surviving siblings, Reiko and Brenna.

Fae of Light Arc Edit

Kitty and her siblings were the ones who found Liora being held captive in the Waterway during their Passage. After rescuing her, they took her back to the Kalma Clan lair.

When Erebus unleashed his dark magic upon the lair, reviving the dead dragons and creating shadow creatures to attack the dragons, Kitty and her siblings were forced to flee. They are currently oblivious to the fate of their clanmates.

Relationships Edit

Reiko and Brenna - Kitty shares a close bond with her two siblings, though is somewhat competitive with Reiko. So far, the two Mirror siblings have managed to remain equal in speed and strength. This trio has the distinction of being the first full team to not suffer any casualties during the Passage, though it is still incomplete.

Trivia Edit

  • Kitty's hatchday is November 2, 2014.
  • Reiko, Kitty, and Brenna are the second set of triplets to have two similar siblings and one different (the previous case being Ariana, Sterling, and Tyra).  In this case, Reiko and Kitty are reddish colored Mirrors, while Brenna is a white Tundra.
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