September 1, 2014 – November 18, 2014
Kladeos ("KLAH-dee-ohss") is the third egg to enter the Nuzlocke Challenge. He was Coco's best friend, mate of Anesia, and father of Steele, Ariana, Sterling, and Tyra.

Appearance Edit

Kladeos is a Guardian male with 18.36m length, 21.46m wingspan, and weighed 11146.38kg.  His colors were Red/Rust/Banana.  He had the Tiger primary gene, but his other genes were still basic upon his death.


Kladeos as a hatchling.

About Edit

Qubine had found Kladeos egg while gathering water for his sick clan, although he wasn't named until after he matured. He toiled away with his clan mates, helping Qubine to care for the sick dragons. With Coco and Dugan, Kladeos participated in the Passage, successfully completing the Training Fields and Woodland Path.

Dugan's death had opened Kladeos' eyes to several things. Kladeos confided in Coco that he didn't understand why Qubine was laboring so hard to save a clan of dragons that were on the verge of death. Dugan's death had made him realize the pain of losing a clan mate, and that the pain would be multiplied on a grand scale for Qubine if his whole clan was lost. Despite this, Kladeos chose to remain with the clan because he admired Qubine's resolve, and he dreamed of becoming a powerful warrior himself.

Kladeos felt awkward that Qubine had assigned the hatchling Anesia to be his mate. Both Qubine and Coco assured him to wait until Anesia matured to pass any final judgment. Despite his initial reservation, Kladeos took the responsibility of babysitting her, and she followed him around faithfully.

Death Edit



Kladeos dies in the Waterway.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kladeos's hatchday is September 1, 2014.
  • He is exactly one year younger than Qubine.
  • Had he survived, his secondary and tertiary genes would have been Shimmer and Smoke.
  • Kladeos was the highest level dragon to die in the Coliseum (Lvl 15).
  • After his death in the story, Kladeos was sold to another player on Flight Rising, where he still remains.  He has since reached Lvl 25.

    Kladeos's tombstone.

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