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Located in a clear spot in the Focal Point can be found the lair of La Luna, a clan that welcomes dragons from any element to join them and have somewhere to call home.

History Edit

Danielle and Daniel, a Shadow dragon and a Light dragon that became friends at a young age and have been together since then. When both dragons learned how to dominate the art of flying, they decided to fly away from their respective flights, curious about the origins of their Fae breed.

Their curiosity led them to the Starfall Isles, home of the Arcanist and the Arcane dragons. Unused to the aura of pure magic that the particular pink land irradiated, the young duo became established in a small cave located in the Crystalspine Reaches.

As time passed, the Fae couple met more dragons from differents breeds, and even from different elemental flights. One of those dragons was called Celeste, a Guardian dragon that was expulsed from her small group. Celeste joined Daniel and Danielle, helping them by exploring the places they couldn't go because their wings gave up too soon.

After Celeste joined, more dragons started to join. Many of them were temporary, enjoying the company of the little group for some time before going on with their lives. But some of those dragons liked the care those dragons offered so much, they decided to stay and offer their help in return. Time passed and the Fae duo, along their new members, moved to the Starwood Strand to have more space. It always looked like it was at night in their new place, so Daniel and Danielle created La Luna Clan.

As time passed, La Luna Clan got less temporary company. Since the members of the clan itself were a handful, and hatchlings were the most common viewm Daniel & Danielle decided to move La Luna Clan to the Focal Point. This way the hatchlings would be safer from possible enemy attacks, and those members that worked as the defense would just to look out mostly for the constant rain of meteors.

Clan Members Edit

  • Daniel (Clan leader)
  • Danielle (Clan leader)
  • Clover (Heir)
  • Celeste (Explorer - Head of Defense)
  • Jacques (Scout - Lairkeeper)
  • Valentine (Teacher - Babysitter of hatchlings)
  • Frederick (Teacher - Babysitter helper)
  • Luxor (Storyteller)
  • Lapule (Healer)
  • Karnak (Storyteller)
  • Rodrick (Musician)
  • Vedette (Seer)
  • Sav (Gardener)
  • Clover (Mage - Defender)
  • Naitmer (Explorer)
  • Helena (Explorer)
  • Tora (Tamer)
  • Ines (Librarian - Mage)
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