Lamitrinia is Arcaniel’s guard. That is the duty he received from Alcyone. Personally. That is really important to him. One of the twin leaders of of his faith gave him a mission, a purpose. So he will look after Arcaniel, the unruly historian and records keeper of the Aurigae. He will not interfere, he will allow her to escape as often as she wants to, since there is no stopping her. His only mission is to follow her and keep her safe. That is his only purpose in life. What he was born for.

Or is it? Could there be more out there? Arcaniel is getting under his skin. All her talk about not obeying but still being faithful. All those thoughts and she’s still allowed to exist? And even exert her influence over the written history of their faction? It’s all so confusing. And in the meantime a shadow is cast over everything he believes. Literal shadow. The whole Pergamon clan moves to Shadow territory and, to Lamitrinia’s horror, seems to abandon Arcanist.

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