The Caretaker of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Laoise joined the collection of refugees that would eventually become the Red Kingdom in its early days, along with her mates. According to the group, she met Isibeal and Ailill in Lightning territories, joining up with them on their travels and becoming their third partner after her original clan was lost in an accident; the three of them later met Cinaed on their arrival in the Scarred Wasteland, completing their family. All four are extremely close, far more likely to rely on each other than any of their other clanmates even after this long time with the Red Kingdom, but they have all opened their hearts to the clan as well.

Laoise in particular has been especially willing to spread her affection and care to the Red Kingdom. When the coalition of refugees was still travelling, she volunteered to look after the hatchlings, keeping them occupied so their parents could tend to the concerns of survival; after the clan settled into its new lair, she carried on her role as caretaker.

Clan Role Edit

Laoise is the main caretaker for the clan's young, serving both as a babysitter—particularly for the very young hatchlings—and as a teacher. In addition, she helps with the preparations and training for the clan's many children who go on to the Plaguebringer's service, functioning primarily as their emotional support while others in the clan coordinate the logistics. She is fond and maternal towards all her charges, but equally proud to see them go onto their new lives beyond her care, whatever those may be.

Personality Edit

Playful and energetic, Laoise is a bright and lively soul who tirelessly keeps up with the needs of her family, the clan, and the clan's many children. She is an excellent and enthusiastic caretaker with a sweet but no-nonsense manner, and is never happier than when surrounded by children, frequently allowing the smaller ones to clamber all over her. She can often be seen curled in a loose circle with a collection of hatchlings sitting in the safety of her embrace, happily playing or listening in fascination to a story.

Relationships Edit

  • Cinaed: Partner and lover.
  • Isibeal: Partner and lover.
  • Ailill: Partner and lover.
  • Sadbh: Clan housekeeper and a colleague.
  • Brigh: Clan leech and a collaborator.
  • Oscar: Clan priest and a collaborator.

Laoise is bisexual.

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