Liesel is, together with her sister Charene and their friend Shantal, one of the Order's veteran warriors. Liesel was born into the Order, her parents have been exalted. Liesel also has a son named Thorne that resides within the Order.

Background Edit

"Listen, we can't always rush into a fight and expect to come out standing if we use nothing but brute force. Think."

There is something rather cold and calculating in her gaze, something that will remind you of a predator, a huntress in the dark.

She isn't as emotionless as you'd think, but she's learned from experience that it doesn't always pay to take senseless risks, and it is much easier to size up any potential opponent before a fight breaks out.

And she has a sister to protect. A reckless, adrenaline-loving little sister who cannot step away from a challenge.

So you will excuse her if she's a little on edge at times. She still has a heart, you know.

Trivia Edit

  • Scales was added to replace Underbelly, Eye Spots will be replaced as well
  • Liesel gathered all the materials needed for her venomscale armor herself

Credits Edit

  • Background was written by Shanncrafter (#84422)

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