Background Edit

Lilac's affinity with plant-based healing and magic compelled her to seek the land she'd heard stories of as a hatchling; she sought not the rampant growth of the Viridian Labyrinth, instead seeking the delicate and magical beauty of the Starwood Strand.

Now in charge of the clan grounds, she will frequently make wide trips across the whole of the Starfall Isles. She searches for inspiration, for closeness to the unpredictable growth of Arcane, and for the occasional new subspecies of Juneflower.

Personality Edit

Lilac is a gentle skydancer who has difficulty dealing with the lively bustle of the inner clan-grounds. She nurtures plant and dragon alike, and is known as a trustworthy confidante.

Appearance Edit

The shimmer of her exquisite wings is enhanced by the pervasive magic of the Strand; the deeper into the woods she treads, the more captivating she becomes.

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