Liquorice is a member of the Sect of Lacunae, where he lives with his best friend FlyingSaucer. It is rare for the pair to ever be apart and when they are not playing in the clearing they can usually be found annoying someone, before the hatchling sitter Ezhno finds and extracts them.

Lore Edit

Once upon a time there lived two hatchlings who were the best of friends. Their play always lit up the faces of those nearby as their sweetness and laughter filled the air and it was clear that they would do anything to make the other happy. They were attentive to the feelings of all others and it was common for them to greet any they bumped into with cuddles and small trinkets, or perhaps a fledgling display of magic.

It is the way of things for such beings to attract attention, and this case was no different. A group of powerful sorcerers banded together to bless the pair. They would remain as hatchlings forever and never grow up. In this way it would be ensured that they could never lose their childhood innocence, instead remaining young and uncorrupted. Nowadays they spend their time relaxing in the sun or playing make believe that they are sorcerers or suchlike. Sometimes they almost seem to believe it.

This is real life, and every word is a lie.

Trivia Edit

  • He is level 25, but without any stats or stones
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