Lothair joined the Order of the Colossus together with his two sisters Norma and Thialle; the three are inseparable.

Background Edit

“Hello! I’m Lothair, and these are my sisters: Norma and Thialle. I’m the oldest.”

“By two minutes!”

No matter where they are or who they are speaking to, this is usually how all of Lothair’s introductions go when he is allowed to do the talking. Lothair plans to hold the fact that he is the eldest over his two younger sisters for his entire life. (He likes to pretend that it gives him the most authority. Norma never falls for it.)

Lothair is playful and rarely serious, much to the chagrin of Norma, his more level headed sister. He can often be found joking with clanmates, or playing pranks with the help of Thialle, his youngest sister.

Lothair is very easy going, and famous for being able to make a joke out of any situation (and it depends on the day whether this is a blessing or a curse).

Despite his clownish demeanor, though, Lothair loves both of his sisters dearly. Ever since their hatchings, the three siblings have been near inseparable. And when they are together, Lothair likes to remark that they are unstoppable.

Even so, if you dare lay a claw on Norma or Thialle... Well, let’s just hope you don’t have to see that side of him. Though he is an easy going dragon, hurting his sisters is something that Lothair will never forgive.

Trivia Edit

  • Lothair is a 7 digit dragon
  • added Thylacine (and regret it)
  • gene plan: Pinstripe, Trail, Capsule

Credits Edit

  • Background was written by Skifter (#17457)

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