Knowing how to work a coffee machine somehow led to an accidental coffee empire and he isn’t sure how to fix it.

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Born and raised in the land of Lightning, Magister eventually took his hard earned skills and knowledge and decided it was time to find a clan that could benefit from his original flight’s technical pursuits. 

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Friendly and unfailingly polite, Magister is a rather soft spoken dragon. He takes great joy in learning new skills and is actually quite passionate about building and inventing more efficient ways to do things. He’s a babbler when he’s in ‘the zone’, as he calls it, much like his friend Martello. Unsuspecting dragons may sometimes find themselves pressed into service as a sounding board for him to bounce ideas off of, though most of the time he and Martello just use each other for this activity.

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Magister helps Martello in his workshop; though because of his great size most of the more delicate work is left to Martello and Elderith (and more recently, Luci) while Magister works on putting together the larger bulky items, or drawing blueprints for their latest inventions.

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  • Magister is actually the one to introduce coffee to the Krajan Clan; he allowed them to sample his supply from Lightning and they were hooked
  • Magister is the only dragon in the Clan who can turn the coffee machine on. He despairs of ever convincing them it’s technology and not magic.
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