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Majesty was hatched of an egg created by the Arcanist. Young, adventurous, and with no sense of self preservation she set out to explore her home of the Starfall Isles. She decided that this wasn't enough, and took a flight across the ocean to see if anything lay beyond. She ended up flying straight into a vicious snowstorm. She was rescued by an Imperial of the Southern Icefield, Nimbus. After a period of recovery, she roped Nimbus into returning to her homeland with her and creating a clan.

After returning home, Majesty was eager to have her first nest. She found her first love in a Guardian by the name of Kahu. She adored him, and they had three sons together. Just after the nest was hatched, however, Kahu left her to be in the service of the Arcanist.

Majesty was devastated. She became less likely to trust, more wary and vicious. Ariki, her oldest child, received the brunt of this harsh treatment. She hates him for his resemblance to his father.

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Majesty protects all of the members of the House, even those she doesn’t particularly like, with an unbiased ferocity. No one hurts those she is charged to protect, related or otherwise. She has a love for the finer things in life, and this is evident from the nest she has made for herself, lined with crystals, precious gems, and glittering statues arranged in a tasteful way. She is ruthless and intelligent, and any clan who has tried to challenge her claim to the pocket of land the House calls home has lost.

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