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Malaria is a disease spread by mosquitoes and caused by a parasite. The parasite matures and damages cells within its host while causing the host to experience a multitude of nasty symptoms which include chills, high fever, sweating, headache, muscular pain and death. It's possible for a host to recover, only to become sick again at a later date and die.

Malaria the dragon has a disease similar to her namesake. She was infected at a fairly young age to the disappointment of her elders. They were so confient that a Plague primal such as malaria would have never been at risk to any disease. Her immune system should have been too powerful.

And yet all it took was a single bite from a tiny isty bisty mosquito to cause the imperial to become ill. She experiences chills, and a fever too high. Her body ached and she was bedridden for days. But that wasn't all that this disease brought with it. It had caused her to transform. Her scales were replaced with thick black fur, and her ears became ridged and pointed. She lost her wings and shrunk into the form of a wolf.

As a wolf she forgot who she was and became extremely hostile. She would attack anything smaller than herself and eat it. She would stay as a wolf for hours or days, and then return to herself. She would continue to turn into a wolf for as long as she remained a host to whatever parasite infected her. She knew she would transform soon if she began to experience the same symptoms of fever and aching muscles.

Her clan at first tried to trap her when she turned into a wolf, but nothing they tried worked and eventually one day she ran off and never returned. Luckily for Malaria, she stumbled into Grim who vowed to find a cure for her.

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Blunt and matter of fact

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Grim: She doesn't believe he can find a cure, but appreciates the thought

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  • Demigirl
  • Bisexual
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