The Consort Assassin of the Red Kingdom.

Background Edit

Well known as a diplomat for an enemy Ice clan, Mallaidh carried out her true work as an assassin under the cover of her poised and immaculate reputation. She arrived at the Red Kingdom on assignment, instructed to eliminate Ruaidhri and thus remove a threat to the political interests of her clan of birth; however, the instant she laid eyes on her intended target she had a change of heart, abandoning her mission in an instant to instead set her sights on the Red King with a captivating directness. Much to his surprise, her vibrancy won his heart in return; she became his consort, dedicating herself to aiding him and Eimhear in ruling their clan with a singleminded purpose.

As the clan has expanded, she has remained steadfastly at Ruaidhri's side, helping to train diplomats, instruct warriors, and expand the reach of the Red Kingdom. Privately, some of her clanmates speculate she would like to see Ruaidhri's reach expand so far as to cover the entire world—but if that's so, she keeps her goals under wraps. She retains a particularly bitter enmity for her former clan, whose cold calculation she was happy to escape in favour of her new clan's affectionate acceptance.

Clan Role Edit

In the Red Kingdom, Mallaidh's primary role is as a diplomat and advisor to her king and queen—but, as suggested by her title (spoken only in whispers among the clan and virtually unknown outside of it), she still serves as an assassin in dire situations when all other options have been exhausted. Despite her sparking personality and elegant appearance, she is among the most pragmatic and potentially vicious members of the clan, and at its core her role among her fellows is to make the hard decisions that no one else can stomach.

Personality Edit

A lively and passionate soul, Mallaidh has a gift for working her way into the good graces of everyone she meets—a skill she deploys with considerable effectiveness in the service of her clan. She is fiercely devoted and protective—viciously so—of those she cares about, and is willing to make unpleasant but necessary decisions when others are not. Among the clan and their trusted allies, she is vivacious and charming; among enemies, she presents herself much the same way, but keeps a core of steel and a calculating mind hidden just beneath the surface.

Relationships Edit

  • Ruaidhri: Beloved king and consort.
  • Eimhear: Queen and Ruaidhri's platonic partner.
  • Oisin: Eimhear's consort and a friend.
  • Daire: Ruaidhri's bodyguard and a colleague.
  • Isibeal: Clan diplomat and a colleague.
  • Aislin: Clan ambassador and a colleage.
  • Neasa: Clan spy and a colleague.

Mallaidh is bisexual.

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