"Marrow" is a short story, starring Parvo, the mirror dragon hunter, and his Hydra Scorpion familiar "Kuru." Parvo spends the story bonding with his familiar in his own, somewhat stilted way.

The Story

Parvo frowns, looking up at his familiar. The Hydra Scorpion's racket is unbearable; it scrapes and snips at the bone, long picked dry of any meat. Evidently its hungry, and is either trying to scrounge up some scraps, or is annoying Parvo on purpose.

Parvo is a plague native; he knows how to reap the treasures of corpses. 

"Gimme that," the mirror paws the bone away from the arthropod, causing his familiar to snap its claws at him in anger "relax; I'll give it back," he drags a dried bit of jerky from his pouch and throws that at the scorpion's feet.

That satiates the hungry beast, and Parvo can get to work.

This looks like a femur bone, and it makes a pleasing thunk when his teeth clack against it. 

That means there's a prize inside.

Parvo starts to gnaw on the end of the bone, shredding the cartilage and tendons with ease, and eventually working it down so he can crack the bone with his powerful molars. he sucks on the pieces of shattered bone that come off in his mouth, spitting them out once he's stolen their flavor. His lips part into a smile, fangs showing once he looks inside.

There's the treat within; fatty, rich marrow, still fresh and nutritious. Only a plague dragon would think to crack the bones open.

Parvo further breaks the bone apart; his scorpion companion evidently needed assistance in prying it open, so he's going to make sure that he doesn't need help again.

The Hydra scorpion has long since finished the jerky and is staring at Parvo expectantly, still annoyed that the Mirror Dragon has stolen its dinner. The dragon returns the now split bone to his familiar.

"There; I'll bet you've never had anything that good." He lays back down, tail flicking in satisfaction.

The irritating sound of claws scraping against bone is replaced by the gentle sound of his chitinous companion feasting. Parvo smirks.  

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